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"I’m absolutely loving all these 5 star reviews for THE DEVIL OF DUNAKIN CASTLE. Thank you so very much for helping me make this book awesome. You are a wonderful editor! Your comments are right on, and you deliver them without crushing a writer’s spirit – LOL! And each of your little “great scene” or “made me laugh” or “love this!” comments make my day. So, I just wanted to thank you for being fabulous!" Heather

"Thank you again for the wonderful editing on Her Temporary Hero. I'm a 100% sure that book wouldn't have finaled in the RITAs without the work you put into it." Bestselling Author, Jennifer Apodaca

"Thank you for your editorial brilliance!" Bestselling Author, Inara Scott

"I've had the privilege of having Alethea as my editor for several books. Each time she has brought invaluable insight and feedback and has always made my work stronger. She has an incredible talent for knowing how to improve my manuscript. Alethea is always a pleasure to work with and is professional, patient, and enthusiastic. I feel very fortunate to have Alethea as my editor!" USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria James

"For many years and many books, Alethea was my favourite editor at Harlequin. She improved my work immensely, always managing to retain the intrinsic character and voice of the manuscript. I trusted her suggestions and her editing implicitly, and considered her one of the best I'd ever worked with. I would hire her again in a heartbeat—as should anyone who values intelligence, imagination, and integrity." Bobby Hutchinson

"I am extremely thankful to Alethea for editing my short story collection 'The Scars of Time.' Throughout the editing process, which she completed punctually and professionally, Alethea showed an active interest in improving my writing style as well as sharpening my content. Her advice enhanced the quality of my writing and gave me a huge confidence about writing in English. Her experience as an editor shines in her work, and I am sure I will hire her for all my future projects." Neamat Imam

"[Alethea is] an efficient, creative professional, and very good to work with." Ian Corks, Executive Editor, Elsevier Canada

"As a first time novelist, I was looking for truly honest feedback. The manuscript evaluation provided me with the tools to solidify my plot, shape character relationships and conflicts, and make for better pacing. Alethea also helped me to define my novel's genre and use it to make the story work more efficient within it. I couldn't be more excited with the end result, and now have a manuscript I absolutely love. Communication with Alethea was incredibly prompt, and she answered all my questions both before and after the evaluation, until I fully understood what I needed. Her copy edit of my manuscript not only corrected my errors, but notes were given so that I might refrain from making the same repeated mistakes in the future. If you're looking for respectful, professional advice, I would highly recommend Alethea Spiridon for editing. I look forward to working with her on future projects. Kaleen Harding, author

"Alethea's editing services are an absolute must! Professional and patient. She has a perfectionist's eyes, coupled with an ocean's worth of knowledge. Her attention to detail has given me a winning edge in this exceedingly competitive business. I am looking forward to working with Alethea for the entire Molly Wither series!" Kent Rees, author

"I take this opportunity to sincerely express my admiration for your editorial talent, your dedication, non-conformism, and unconventional creativity." Dorothy Adamiak, Publisher Life Peak Magazine

"As an aspiring writer, I had invested a couple of years on my manuscript. After several rewrites, I decided to consult an expert. I had chosen Alethea for her tenure in the industry, her experience of partnering with published authors, as well as the fact that she had been an agent for a short time. Right from the first e-mail we exchanged, I saw her to be prompt, honest, and available. Once I submitted my manuscript, she kept me updated of her progress. While she plied away at that, I committed to reading a couple of texts on writing structure, hoping this would help me identify some of my weaknesses. I took note where I saw areas for improvement – simultaneously, I thought that this could also serve as a checklist with which I could personally assess Alethea's work. I must admit that it came as no surprise that she nailed every single item I had highlighted on my list. Her assessment was candid, as I hoped, and as she had promised. Over the process of my rewrite, Alethea has gone above and beyond the call of duty by making herself available for consultation. If I do eventually realize my goal of becoming a published author, it will in no small part be due to the fact that I consulted with Alethea. Keep up the honest and timely work, Alethea. You provide a beacon for the amateur writer who sometimes tends to think he or she is riding a lonely wave when in need of consulting an expert and sober voice when it comes to their manuscripts." David Awe

"Thanks, Alethea, for your timely and professional services. If I ever need an editor for part II I'll be sure to be in touch." Grace C.

"I became leery of hiring someone to edit my book after hearing horror stories about editors from other writers. This being my first book, I was concerned about losing my artistic identity to a hack. Alethea is the antithesis of a hack editor. Alethea's knowledge of editing, keen eye for content flow, professional attitude, and excellent pricing has convinced me that she is the only person who will edit my future books." G. Henry