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Before striking out on my own, I was a fiction editor for Harlequin Books where I acquired and edited manuscripts for almost seven years. My focus was primarily acquiring and doing structural and stylistic editing of women's fiction. I am currently a Senior Editor with Entangled Publishing (freelance since 2011), and acquire and edit romance fiction. I was an Editorial Director with them as well for four years for a number of category romance lines. I am highly practiced in works of fiction, children's books, technical and educational material, and non-fiction (memoirs and business books, especially parables). I work with many writers who self-publish and I understand the needs of writers looking to self-publish. 

Manuscript evaluations are a strength; I have literally done hundreds of them. The feedback I provide has properly shaped many people's books. I am a skilled and thorough structural/substantive editor, stylistic editor, proofreader, and developmental editor.  

I am quite accomplished at substantively editing business books, works of fiction and non-fiction, and managing/developing magazines and newsletters (writing, editing, managing staff, developing editorial content and calendars).

I was a member of the EAC Toronto branch executive, and was the newsletter chair/editor for the branch newsletter, Edition, for the 2009-2010 term, and was the English co-chair/editor for Active Voice, EAC's national newsmagazine, 2011-2012, and the Marketing and Public Relations co-chair from 2011-2012. Currently the Managing Editor for Active Voice. 

I have extensive experience as a trade magazine editor: I managed a Canadian health and wellness magazine (Life Peak) for two and a half years, and was the editor for a 16-page newsmagazine for veterinarians published by Elsevier Canada. I am currently the editor for Optical Prism magazine, the magazine for eyecare professionals, and am the lead editor for the Food Security issue of Women and Environments International Magazine.

I spent a year (2016) working as a health writer (web) for a Canadian publishing company. 

I have the following education credentials:

I'm a Voting Member of Editors Canada.

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