Be Creative

We love words even more than you do.


BeCreative Communications is owned and run by me, Alethea S. I can take your editing and writing project to the next level. An editor can help you improve on what you’ve already written. I can make your text tighter, cleaner, and market appropriate. 

Areas of focus are book and magazine editing, editorial project management, and book and author marketing/promotion, including web development using Word Press and editing/writing content with a good SEO approach.

I also offer writing coach services, and publishing consultation if you want to know about publishing and self-publishing. 

Self-publishing? I offer self-publishing packages and can take you through every step of the way, or part of the way, whatever you need. Email me about this. Soon I'll have another branch of the company doing this exclusively and I'll post the website here.

With over 18 years experience in publishing with a focus on editing, acquisitions, copy writing, and editorial project management, I am confident I can make what you have better and help you reach your goals. 

Please note that as value added for you, I offer edits of back cover copy, letters to agents, and synopses of one page at no extra charge when an edit is contracted. And every edit includes a 45-minute call (if you want) to discuss the edit or anything you want to know about publishing and self-publishing. It's part of the service I offer to help you look your best and be successful in this market.

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